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What is CNC? Will Your Tax Case Qualify?

What is CNC? Will Your Tax Case Qualify? You know that you owe back taxes, but due to your current situation, you cannot afford to pay your reasonable living expenses along with extra money toward taxes. The Internal Revenue Service might assess your financial situation and agree with you, classifying your account as Currently Not […]

Your Hardship Letter to the IRS: Do’s and Don’ts for Currently Non Collectible

The Internal Revenue Service sometimes assesses a taxpayer’s debt ratio and affords him or her the opportunity to delay collection on the account. The IRS calls this action currently not collectible. While the government does not erase or forgive the debt, it determines that you do not have the means to pay right now. The […]

Currently Non – Collectible Agreed to on $80,000!

We recently were able to get a client into currently-non collectible status. It wasn’t an easy feat whatsoever. However, the client can now focus on rebuilding his business, rebuilding his financial livelihood, and all the while not having to worry about paying his IRS debts back. Currently non-collectible status is obtained by using the following […]

IRS Tax Liability? Seek Currently Non Collectible!

Are you currently unemployed? Did your business shut down because of the taxing authorities or other creditors? Are you left with nothing but a large IRS trust fund tax bill? If so, think currently non-collectible. Our client was shut down by the utility company for unpaid electric bills and he could not afford to continue […]