Currently Non – Collectible Agreed to on $80,000!

We recently were able to get a client into currently-non collectible status. It wasn’t an easy feat whatsoever. However, the client can now focus on rebuilding his business, rebuilding his financial livelihood, and all the while not having to worry about paying his IRS debts back. Currently non-collectible status is obtained by using the following steps:

– Remitting a full financial form 433-A Collection Information Statement for Individuals

– Discussing goals and options with Highland Tax Group, Inc. 

– Negotiating with the IRS (and appeals if necessary) to obtain currently non-collectible

– ensuring the IRS has all documents needed to prove all expenses listed on the 433-A

– in this particular case the client has a property with equity, showing he can full pay the tax debt, however, is unable to obtain a line of credit or refinance. Thus we provided 3 loan turn down letters to prove to the IRS the taxpayer has done all he could to attempt to borrow to pay the tax debt down or completely in full

Please contact us if you feel you cannot pay the IRS at this time. We would be happy to look at your situation to see if you qualify for currently non-collectible. We can be reached at 720-398-6088 or on our website at