10 Ways to Handle IRS Correspondence

Does mail become confusing? Do you receive several notices for each tax module you owe? If you feel like you are trying to “navigate” the IRS code and law, IRS notices, and any correspondence you receive you are not alone. If you have IRS Tax Problems, chances are you are going to receive IRS mail.

The article below references the most important things to watch out for when you receive IRS mail and handling your IRS tax problem.

 Some of the more  important steps to addressing an IRS notice and IRS tax problem are as follows:

– Please take note of the date on the notice, usually there are 10 day follow up timelines or 30 day follow up timelines. Please make sure you calendar the appropriate date to follow up on the notice.

– Do not panic, simple instructions are included in the notice.

– There is a phone number on the notice and if you have questions you may call the number.

– In most cases the IRS is requesting a payment, but not always due a payment. In other words, you may be receiving a proposed balance due notice, do not pay it.  Look into the notice more closely with your tax representative.

– Call Highland Tax Group, Inc. for a free consultation on how to handle the notice or your overall tax situation.

Unfortunately, if you have an IRS tax problem, the IRS will not send you a birthday card, or holiday card, but they will continue to send reminders on how to deal with the balance dues, or any tax return issues.  Most importantly, feel free to call us at 720-398-6088 to assist you with your IRS notices as well as any other IRS tax problems you may have. You may also visit us on our website at www.htg2020.wpengine.com.