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The IRS Could Have Decades to Collect Payroll Taxes Owed

If you owe back taxes, you’re certainly not alone; data from the IRS indicates that over 18 million Americans owed delinquent taxes as of 2014. Furthermore, 10 million taxpayers face penalties every year. What, then, happens to those who fail to pay up? Unfortunately, the consequences can be harsh — and there’s no running away […]

Depressed About IRS Back Taxes? Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health

Tax season is tough, especially for independent contractors and small business owners. Most grumble, but ultimately file — and pay — their taxes on time before moving on with life. Some, however, find themselves falling further and further behind. An IRS spokesperson estimates that 8.2 million Americans owe a whopping $458 billion in back taxes. […]

Owe IRS Back Taxes? What Denver Residents Need to Know About Currently Non Collectible

If you owe the IRS back taxes, the IRS might assess your financial situation and decide that you cannot pay back taxes, placing your account into a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. The IRS has helpful information discussing all the in’s and out’s if you owe the IRS back taxes. However, while your account is […]