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IRS Tax Audits: Myths Vs Realities

Americans are terrified of tax audits, and for good reason; these ordeals involve a whole lot of paperwork and, in some cases, can lead to increased tax payments. That being said, a variety of misconceptions surround the auditing process, which might not prove as terrifying as you suspect. Below, we clarify a few common audit […]

IRS Tax Audit Representation Saves Client $27,000!!

Have you received a notice claiming you owe the IRS a vast sum of money? Did the IRS notice leave you feeling confused, frustrated, angry, and not knowing where to turn? Well, look no further, as Highland Tax Group, Inc. offers effective solutions for dealing with not only IRS notices, but also IRS Tax Audits. […]

IRS Audit Representation in Denver: What Is It? How Can It Help You Survive the IRS?

The words “IRS tax audit” could well be some of the most frightening words in the English language. If you have received an audit notification from the IRS, you might have no idea what to do next, and you’re likely overwhelmed by powerful emotions, like fear and anxiety. By securing qualified Denver audit tax representation, […]