IRS Tax Lien Removed!

We had a client who came to us with a smaller IRS tax issue and an IRS tax lien on her credit report. She had several goals in mind as it related to the IRS tax lien and the removal of the IRS tax lien.  One of her primary goals was to repair her credit.  In order to do so we needed to work quickly on the IRS tax lien removal in order for her to initiate the process of repairing her credit.  When dealing with removing an IRS tax lien there are several items needing to be completed:

– First and foremost we set up a payment plan for the debt to be paid over 72 months – this is called a streamlined agreement

– Secondly, we set up the plan to be paid via direct debit installments, therefore the IRS would actually go in and debit the account on the date we selected for payments to be made

– Finally, we applied for a lien removal once we were sure the payment plan was set up and we had at least applied for direct debit program

The process from start to finish took about 8 months. However, we were able to successfully implement the removal of the IRS tax lien and now our client is on her way to getting her credit repaired. Her secondary goal is to purchase a home.  Once her credit is repaired, she will qualify for a loan, and thus get herself into a home.  She was very pleased with our work and is one of the testimonials on our website at  The IRS tax lien can be removed, however, there are several steps to take in order to get there. We were very pleased with the results and more than happy to share.

If you are in need of an IRS tax lien removal and are unsure on how to go about getting the IRS tax lien removed call us at 720-398-6088 or check our our website at