Best Practices for Helping an Adult Child Handle a Complex IRS Issue

As the parent of an adult child, you love lending your support. Some issues, however, are easier to resolve than others. Tax problems can be especially overwhelming. Keep these best practices in mind as you give your adult child a helping hand:

Step Back Until Asked

It can be frustrating to watch an adult child deal with IRS drama, especially when you believe that you know the solution. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t know everything about your child’s tax situation. A variety of factors can play into IRS problems, and typically, it takes a skilled tax professional to sort these out.

If you’re too quick to provide unsolicited advice, your child may come to resent you or avoid letting you serve as a confidant in the future. Instead of giving in to the temptation to lecture, show the compassion your child needs during this difficult time. You might not be able to sort out your child’s tax issues, but you can be a top source of emotional support.

Should your child ask for your input, feel free to share examples of situations in which you or loved ones have faced similar IRS troubles. Emphasize that no two cases are alike and that, while your examples demonstrate how it’s possible to bring tax issues to a close, your child’s mileage may vary.

Point Your Child to the Right Resources

Some taxpayers assume they can handle IRS struggles on their own. As a parent, you may have just enough influence to convince your child to abandon the DIY effort and seek help from a professional instead. Don’t hesitate to provide recommendations for trusted tax professionals.

You don’t need to be the only person responsible for helping your adult child handle issues with the IRS. The Highland Tax Group can play a critical role in this process. Contact us today to learn more.