IRS Tax Resolution Client Testimonials!

As some of you know, I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador to take in some hiking last month. Pictured is the active Volcano Cotopaxi, my last hike of the trip. I stared at this mountain from my Hacienda for 3 days before attempting to summit. I fell ill with a cold and needed to rest for a few extra days. After absolutely zero sleep in the refuge, leaving at midnight to begin the trek, me and my guide made it to 18,300 ft!! (Summit rests at 19,347). For starters, the refuge is at 15,900 and the parking lot at about 14,900. I’ll take it considering this is as high as I’ve ever been on a mountain (save the 4/20 jokes please!!). Unfortunately, we didn’t summit due to snow/avalanche conditions. Doesn’t mean I can’t go back to attempt the summit in the future.

Which I’m sure if you or someone you know owes the IRS, they’re used to attempting to surmount what appears to be an insurmountable problem. Sometimes they aren’t successful the first go-round due to limitations, factors beyond their control, or an avalanche of other problems they didn’t foresee. This doesn’t mean they cannot attempt to correct the problem, make changes, and arrive at a solution down the road. So many of the people that hire us have attempted to “summit” their tax issues without success. With this in mind, I thought I would highlight some of the success we’ve had the last few months by including some of our most recent testimonials! (These all be found on Google). The successes we have had couldn’t have been reached without you, our clients, and help from other professionals. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, as without you, none of this would be possible.

Client Testimonials

Mary – “I wish there was a 10-star option as I would not hesitate to assign it to the Highland Tax Group. Mike Wallen & his assistant, Megan Scott, were absolutely phenomenal in every aspect of this journey. Learning about OIC’s through lots of scam postcards & phone calls I was receiving, I went searching online for a local firm to represent me. Immediately, the high degree of professionalism and information I found on the internet for The Highland Tax Group along with raving reviews, inspired me to reach out to them last year to begin the process. Today I got a call after many months that the OIC (Offer in Compromise) was accepted. This is such a celebration (and on tax day) and a huge relief!! I had no idea how I would ever have paid off my past taxes as a single mother that were accumulating over the years and the payment plan I had been on was barely chipping away at the interest. I had no idea this program was available and am so very grateful it is and for Mike Wallen, Megan Scott and The Highland Tax Group. They were highly professional, extremely knowledgeable in this process and very quick to return any emails or calls and hold my hand through the process. I couldn’t have done it without them. I highly highly recommend them for you or someone you may know who owes past taxes and is looking at all possible options. I am overjoyed! It is a happy April 15th Tax Day here for me! Thank you, Mike & Megan! Truly truly grateful!”

Lisa – “Mike Wallen is a star. Amazing customer service! Based on all the stellar reviews, I contacted him (and we did talk almost immediately…wow), and even though he couldn’t help with my particular situation, he offered the name of someone else who could. A couple of months later, I hit him up again with a different situation. Still couldn’t help (I definitely appreciate his honesty), but once again he had two names of pros for me. And he remembered me without prompting…I have had contractors I paid big bucks to who forgot me almost immediately. Nice, huh? When our transaction was completed, he followed up to make sure I was taken care of, and later sent me the link to a business article pertinent to my case. Please don’t take advantage of him and hit him up with random questions. Instead, study his website…and if you’re both in the same ballpark, grab your phone and give him a call. Bet you’ll be happy you did.”

Alec – “I cannot convey how valuable The Highland Tax Group was in helping me resolve an IRS tax issue that began several years ago. Mike Wallen and his team began working on my case and immediately I felt a sense of relief. They represented my interest through several years of negotiations with the IRS and ultimately obtained a settlement for me that was more than favorable. Mike never wavered in staying in contact with me throughout the process. They assisted in gathering all the documents that was requested and compiled the information in a professional manner. When the time came for the negotiations, they pressed my case and came away with a settlement that was totally beyond my expectations. I highly recommend the Highland Tax Group.”

Brian – “Mike was a great help in getting everything organized in my case and helping me understand just what I was facing and came up a very simple concise plan on how to solve my problem. The sleepless nights went away. I highly recommend Mike and his staff to anyone that is needing assistance with the IRS. Mike keeps you informed every step of the way and explain in a very easy to understand way what is going on. Don’t go it alone when dealing with the IRS.”
As always, if you or someone you know owes the IRS please do not hesitate to call at 720-398-6088.