Tax Resolution Service Offers Easy 4 Step Process!

There are various tax resolution services offered and many ways to handle your tax matters. The tax resolution services offered at Highland Tax Group, Inc. vary depending on your circumstances. Regardless of what your situation is we offer a 4 step process to simplify dealing with your outstanding tax matters.

– First and foremost we will file a Power of Attorney on your behalf and within the first 24 hours we contact the taxing authority in order to obtain a stay of enforcement, or collection hold, to allow for time for us to work with you so you can get the most out of our tax resolution services

– Secondly, we will complete a cross check with the IRS or State to find out balance dues, order transcript records to figure out exactly what you owe to the penny, see if there are any missing returns, and let the IRS know we will be back in touch with them by our collection hold deadline. We complete this portion of the work within the first 24 hours of engaging our tax resolution services

– Third, whether it is business taxes or personal taxes that are owed we will review the appropriate financial form as it pertains to your situation . We will let you know what is needed to satisfy the IRS deadline as well as work with you to determine the next steps toward realizing what our tax resolution services have to offer

– Finally, we will determine the most beneficial and financially mutual agreement between you and the taxing authorities. We will discuss with you what your proposal will consist of, an expected timeline on an answer, and let you know what you should be doing in the interim while our proposal is reviewed

When considering Highland Tax Group, Inc. check our our website at for a full list of the tax resolution services we offer. You may also reach me directly at 720-398-6088.