Taxes Filed? Balance Due?

Now that we are approximately 9 days beyond the filing deadline it is time to discuss the repercussions of any fall out if you or someone you know has a balance due.  First and foremost if you filed an extension, and did not pay your balance due with form 4868, you will have accrued a fair amount of penalty and interest. If you owe quarterly payments for 2014, your first payment is already past due as the deadline was April 15th, 2014. Get your estimated payment in now. Of course if you are a business owner with employees, your tax obligation is ongoing. Do not slip up.  Hire a payroll service to be sure your Federal and State tax deposits are being handled timely and in full, every time. Call us to see who we may recommend for your business. Lastly, if you or someone you know has a balance due, follow the 4 steps below to get some resolve to your tax issue today!

– Contact Highland Tax Group, Inc. We will keep the IRS off your back, figure out what you owe, and report back to you or your client with the results the IRS has on record. We complete this work all within the first 24 hours of hiring us!

– The second step is to insure your balance dues are accurate. Whether you or someone you know owes for 2013, or several past years or quarters, it is important to make sure the balance dues are accurate.

– We will assist you or your business with reviewing an IRS approved financial form.  The financial form will help us gather information about your financial status in order to see if you qualify for a payment plan, currently non collectible, or a settlement

– The final step is to work with you or your client to determine the best possible resolution to the outstanding tax debts facing an individual or a business

Of course there are several factors behind initiation of any resolution. Please call to see what you or your client may qualify for. Feel free to call us directly at 720-398-6088 to discuss your options, or browse our website at!