Where Do I Start in Resolving My IRS Tax Problem?

A lot of people come to me with their IRS Tax Problem and are unsure on where to start. They might be receiving notices, receiving threatening calls, or a lien might have just been filed to protect the interests in the IRS Tax Debt. They may have a garnishment in place, levy against their bank accounts, personal or business, or a levy against their Social Security benefits. Finally, they may just be aware of the pending tax bill and not owe anything as of yet. I truly get a lot of different problems thrown my way and they are all at different stages in the game.  The important thing to remember is regardless of where the IRS is at with collecting, I take the same simple steps in resolving your IRS Tax Problem.

– The first step in resolving your IRS tax problem is to find out what you owe the IRS. Further, within the same call I make sure we keep the IRS off your back so you can resolve your IRS tax problem. What does keep the IRS off your back mean? It means they will not levy, garnish, file liens, garnish accounts receivable, or levy bank accounts.

– The second step in resolving your IRS tax problem is to find out if the balance dues facing you are correct. If the balance dues are off, or there is something fishy going on, we fix that too.

– The third and most important step in resolving your IRS tax problem is to review your financial condition and ability to repay or not repay the debt. The financial review process is the most important piece of what I do as it will allow me to see if we can save you any money! More can be found out about the financial review process at the following link 5 STEPS TO COMPLETING THE IRS FINANCIAL FORM.

– The fourth and final step to resolving your IRS tax problem is to select the resolution that will best fit your financial needs.  Step three is necessary in determining step 4 and what you qualify for. I went ahead and included a link below summarizing the 4 steps.

If you have an IRS tax problem and you are unsure as to where to start call us immediately at 720-398-6088!