The Most Important Enrolled Agent Questions

Questions to Ask Before You Hire an IRS Enrolled Agent

You’re overwhelmed with tax problems and have hit your breaking point. An IRS enrolled agent can bring swift relief — but not just any tax professional should be trusted to handle your case.

As you vet your options, don’t hesitate to ask hard-hitting questions. The following are especially important:

What Are Your Specialties? Have You Handled Cases Like Mine?

Some enrolled agents prefer to focus on specific types of clients or tax concerns. Ideally, you will work with somebody who has a wealth of experience in the specific area of tax resolution relevant to your case.

For example some enrolled agents primarily work with self-employed professionals or small businesses. Others help individual taxpayers obtain installment plans or navigate the audit process. Some provide a comprehensive range of services and have broad-based experience.

Clarify where, exactly, your prospective enrolled agent has the experience and how this could prove helpful while handling your case.

What Do You Need From Me? How Will We Communicate?

Success when working with an enrolled agent relies on effective communication. This should be established from the get-go. Determine how your potential enrolled agent typically keeps in touch with clients. You’ll also want to know how quickly you can expect a response when you have questions.

Don’t forget to ask if you can streamline the process by providing specific information or documentation. The right enrolled agent will make expectations for a successful working relationship clear — and won’t hesitate to let you know how you can help.

As you seek a solution for your tax debt or audit, consider working with an enrolled agent from the Highland Tax Group. We boast a wealth of experience dealing with the IRS — and we’re happy to provide the support you need.