7 Important Steps to Starting (and Keeping!) a New Business!

In our humble opinion starting a business is a challenging, yet exciting venture. We started Highland Tax Group, Inc. in August of 2013 and just celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

Now, down to business (pun intended). We want to give you some tips we have learned over the years assisting with setting up new businesses for our clients (as well as ourselves). The post is not designed as an end all or be all to structuring a business, however, it will help point you in the right direction.

  • Develop a business plan (what type of business are you starting, what markets will you serve, will you need investors, what products and services will you offer, what will pricing look like, costs, etc.)
  • Work with your State and Federal agencies to determine (if any) licensing requirements within your job sector
  • Talk with an attorney, CPA, bookkeeper, IT professional, banker, as well as an insurance professional (add others here) to determine each need for your business from a legal, accounting, technology, banking, and insurance standpoint
  • Register your business with the State and the IRS (file the appropriate articles with the State, obtain an EIN from the IRS)
  • Meet and greet as many people as possible to expand your network (and your market!)
  • Join a local chamber of commerce or business networking group
  • Attend one industry event per month

Again, this is not designed to serve as a one stop guideline to starting a business, however, it will get you on the right track. There are several other ideas to consider if you’re partnering with someone, working with an investor group, etc. Do your homework, follow your passion, and more importantly your dreams.

If you need assistance starting a new business feel free to reach out and we will be sure to put you in touch with the right professionals to get the job done right, the first time. Call 720-398-6088 for more information!