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How to Calendar Your Business Taxes So You Aren’t Caught Off Guard By Payroll Taxes (Or Penalties)

As a small business owner, missed tax deadlines are one of your greatest nightmares. Careful scheduling can ensure that you meet all deadlines, but even the most conscientious business owner may struggle to keep so many dates and requirements straight. Follow these simple steps to keep payroll tax problems to a minimum: Check the IRS […]

How Business Cash Flow Problems Cause IRS Problems

Cash flow struggles lie at the heart of operations for many small and midsize businesses. These problems don’t just make it tough to pull a profit; they can lead to a variety of IRS concerns, as discussed below: Issues with Estimated Taxes The IRS deals with irregular business income, in part, by arranging for quarterly […]

Exciting Changes at HTG!

Good afternoon! I hope all of you are enjoying the spring weather we’re having. With the exception of the rain and snow! :) There have been many exciting changes in our office as of late, and we wanted to update each and every one of you. First, Ron Young is no longer with HTG. If […]

Happy New Year from Highland Tax Group, Inc.

Hello!! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2017. I wanted to write today to thank each and every one of you, who have assisted or helped in some way, to make my business more successful in 2016. Not only was my business more successful, but I was also more successful on a […]

The Historic Origins of the IRS Self-Employment Tax

Sole proprietors and independent contractors love to grumble about the IRS self-employment tax, which requires them to pay twice as much as their traditionally employed counterparts. At one time, however, the self-employment tax burden was minimal. The fascinating origins of the self-employment tax make it quite clear that today’s taxpayers suffer a significantly greater financial […]

7 Useful Financial Planning and IRS Debt Reduction Resources in Denver

People often feel confused as they attempt to navigate the world of financial planning and IRS debt reduction. The following seven resources in Denver can help you start on the journey. Money Management International Formerly known as Consumer Credit Counseling and founded in 1967, the company merged with Money Management International in 2006 and now […]

5 Politicians Who Got Into Trouble with the IRS

Over the years, numerous politicians have catastrophically run afoul of the IRS. A brief summary follows of some of the most well-known of these crazy incidents and what exactly happened. Spiro Agnew On Oct. 10, 1976, Spiro Agnew admitted non-payment of federal income taxes and resigned as Vice President of the United States to avoid […]

When Someone You Love Dies, and You Inherit the Debt, What Tools Can You Use to Fight Back?

As if coping with grief after the loss of a loved one isn’t difficult enough, you might be suddenly saddled with the person’s debts. However, a debt collector might attempt to collect a debt from you even if it’s not your responsibility. Increasingly, seniors face this challenge, according to a study from the University of […]

Colorado CPA Charged with Defrauding Businesses of $2.5 Million in Taxes

Colorado CPA Charged with Defrauding Businesses of $2.5 Million in Taxes A local Colorado accountant faces charges of transferring a minimum of $2.5 million, designated for payroll taxes, from at least eight local businesses to his personal account during the past four years. Don R. Iley of Iley & Associates in Centennial stands accused of […]