About Highland Tax Group, Inc. Your Denver Tax Resolution Specialists

About HTG

Highland Tax Group, Inc. was founded with the intention of helping others with their IRS tax problem or IRS tax audit. We have helped many clients resolve their IRS tax issues so they can get back to living their lives with a sense of peace, harmony, and security.  We offer Tax Resolution Services, Consulting and Advisory, and IRS Audit Representation in all 50 states and specialize in dealing directly with the Internal Revenue Service. Individual or business needs may be different from others in the same position, which is why we offer a direct, consultative, and hands-on approach to fixing the IRS problems our clients present to us. As Enrolled Agents, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle all administrative and appellate levels of IRS problems that land on our desk.  As a leading Tax Representation Service and IRS Audit Defense Service, we know how to begin working with taxing authorities to finalize a case until our client’s balance due is zero. Our team of Enrolled Agents offers many resolution products including Offer in Compromise, IRS Payment Plans, Consulting and Advisory, Penalty Waiver, New Corporate Start-up, Audit Representation, and Currently Non-Collectible.

About the Team

Mike J. Wallen, founder, president, and an employee of Highland Tax Group, Inc. enjoys hiking in the beautiful scenery of Colorado. A born native, he tries to get outdoors as much as possible. His pride and joy however is his family. Angela is his fiance and they had a son, Will, a few years ago. William is the light of his life and he is always ready to make someone smile, laugh, or play. Mike also enjoys meditation, international travel, and gardening in his backyard.

Megan, associate, and enrolled agent is also a born native. Growing up in Evergreen, Colorado, she also enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible, her dog Luna, and her beloved husband Jim. Together, they enjoy international travel, brunch, and dinner with friends, park days, and of course, all the wonderful breweries Colorado has to offer. We’ve trained Megan from the ground up and she is now an associate at our office helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax debts. Her specialties include the IRS offer in compromise program and the IRS penalty abatement program. Looking for some savings? Look no further.

Kyra Finegan, another Colorado local, will be joining us next week. She is currently in the accounting program at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. We’re very excited to have her start. She enjoys getting outdoors for hiking, camping, and going to concerts at Redrocks.

How did we Build HTG?

When Mike started the business in 2013, he immediately immersed himself in the Denver community by way of networking with other legal, tax, and financial professionals. He can honestly say, without hitting the ground running then, the business would not be where it is today.


The biggest challenge has been in finding a 3rd person to join the team, stick, and eventually move into an associate role. Recently, however, we found a wonderful accounting student who is ready to start working with us as soon as next week. Outside of finding a good 3rd chair, we dealt with and got through the IRS shutdown in 2019. Last but not least, we’re still dealing with the effects of Covid19. However, we will endure and come out a stronger, leaner, and more effective team when it is all said and done.

Which Organization helped in our journey

BNI helped Mike grow as an individual, business owner, and professional in his chosen line of work. BNI offered guidance, networking, public speaking opportunities, education surrounding how to own a business, how to network, and how to engage and keep clients.

Positive Impacts

We offer a community-based approach to our services, attempt to help and assist as many Colorado business owners as possible, in dealing with the IRS and State taxing authorities, which allows our clients to get back to paying into the tax system. We offer a life/work-based approach to managing our time and our workflows for employees. Our employees do not work over 40 hours in any given week, on average, can work from home, and have a multitude of options for paid time off. Further, we’ve partnered with a mental health professional, local gym, and yoga studio to offer mental and physical wellness to our employees. If our employees should choose a different method of mental wellness, we will fully support our staff in their endeavor to stay healthy. Last but certainly not least, we contribute monthly by way of donation to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Click here to learn more about this amazing organization.

About Our Founder

Mike is a 40-year-old kidney transplant recipient, 18 years out from surgery, and very healthy. He has a beautiful family, along with a home here in the neighborhood he works in, loves, and is passionate about. His son, William, will be 2 this September, and he is the light of Mike’s life. His fiancé, Angela is his equal backbone in the household. They are also supporting a full to part-time nanny now as they are both able to work full time.

Mike has owned and operated Highland Tax Group, Inc. since August of 2013. Prior to opening the shop, he worked in the tax resolution industry for several other firms and has been helping clients with tax problems since March of 2004. HTG is his business, and he is not going anywhere. HTG will survive this pandemic we’ve all endured for the last several months. We have provided countless opportunities for savings and resolution of back tax issues, which helps get our clients back on track with the taxing authorities, paying into the system, offering services to the public, and above all, hiring employees. Mike personally prides himself on the services HTG offers to the community around him and while coronavirus has certainly impacted the business in the negative, HTG will make a strong comeback when the stay at home order is fully lifted, as well as when the IRS begins collecting tax revenues again come July 15th. In the interim, we’ll stay strong, offer to consult with our clients regarding all available funding programs they may qualify for, as well as prepare for when the IRS reopens, and we can do our work effectively before the taxing authorities.