How Does Someone Become an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents provide a variety of valuable services for taxpayers struggling to deal with complex IRS issues. From installment payments to audits, their services cover the most burdensome elements of dealing with the IRS. Success is not possible without extensive training, as highlighted below:

Special Enrollment Examination

This rigorous three-part exam covers tax issues covers the following essentials:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Representation, practices, and procedures

All three sections of the exam must be completed within two years. Every section requires extensive preparation. This can be accomplished through self-study or by completing practice questions.

A helpful program known as the Test Drive allows prospective agents to simulate the test-day experience, complete with check-in procedures such as ID confirmation and locker assignment. Ultimately, however, aspiring agents focus on the content of the exam in hopes of not only passing, but also in order to provide the best possible service for future clients.

Other Essentials For Becoming an Enrolled Agent

In addition to passing the Special Enrollment Exam, aspiring agents must obtain Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTIN). All paid tax return preparers in the United States are required to provide PTINs on federal returns and refunds submitted to the IRS. Agents must also complete enrollment applications and pay associated fees. Finally, they must pass suitability checks that delve into criminal background and tax compliance.

Once they have overcome the many hurdles highlighted above, enrolled agents should continue to renew their status every three years. This means renewing PTINs and completing at least 16 hours of continuing education every year.

The enrolled agents at the Highland Tax Group boast extensive training and a strong track record of positive outcomes when dealing with the IRS. Further, Mike J. Wallen, President, and Founder of Highland Tax Group, Inc. has applied to assist Prometric with writing content and questions for the exam itself! Contact us to learn more about our talented team — and how they can help.