5 Character Traits to Look for When Retaining an IRS Tax Specialist

Clients expect their IRS tax specialists to boast a degree of precision and have great organization skills, but there is more to being an exceptional tax preparer than these two traits.


The most successful IRS tax specialists tend to have vast amounts of practical knowledge, and they are simultaneously extremely precise with a sharp eye for detail. If your IRS tax person makes even the most minor of errors, it can have a significantly negative impact on your business and on personal finances. Aside from excellent organization and attention to detail, here are five character traits to consider when searching for match:

  1. A focus on you.

Not only must your IRS tax specialist deal with numbers, but he or she must also be able to deal with clients. Your person should ask a lot of good questions, listen carefully to your answers, and work to develop a customized plan based on things like your business’s cash flow, your living situation and your child and spousal support obligations (if any) to help you handle your debt related challenges.

  1. Creativity.

That’s right. Great IRS tax specialists must be creative as well as academic. Some client issues aren’t textbook situations, and solving them may require another level of attention and innovation.

  1. Flexibility.

Your life and your challenging IRS situation are not standing still. The person or team you choose needs to be able to keep pace with what’s happening in your world. As your job/career prospects shift, your non-IRS related debts grow or shrink and your long term vision comes into focus, he or she should suggest new solutions if the old ones aren’t working/aren’t appropriate.

  1. Willingness to collaborate.

While more than one accountant has cherished the idea of number-crunching alone in a tiny cubicle, the reality is that IRS tax specialists work in teams, providing support to various departments throughout the office. Your advisor must be able to determine what clients and co-workers need to know, working with other types of personalities and professionals to support the overall goals of the team.

  1. Trustworthiness.

This probably should go without saying, but remember that the type of information that IRS tax specialists handle every day is extremely confidential. When looking for a new advisor, do your due diligence. Choose someone who will protect your financial and identifying information, and make sure the staff is reliable as well.

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