5 Tips for filing an Offer In Compromise

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The Offer In Compromise program has changed in the past and for the better.  However, today we are going to outline 5 tips on filing an  Offer in Compromise.

– Make sure you check the box on the Offer In Compromise Form 656 indicating you have completed the pre-qualifier (and complete the pre-qualifier found at www.irs.gov)

– Make sure you include a check for the $186.00 fee along with your 20% down payment (or monthly payment amount) for the Offer In Compromise

– Make sure you have filed ALL returns and they have posted with the IRS prior to filing for an offer in compromise

– Make sure you have included all tax balance years and modules owing for on the offer in compromise form 656

– Send in a complete offer in compromise with all applicable forms and schedules, make copies of all documents remitted, and most importantly calendar a follow up!

If you are considering filing an Offer In Compromise please feel free to call our office for a free consultation. We might be able to assist you should you have trouble. As always we can be reached at 720-398-6088.