What Will IRS Budget Cuts Mean in 2015?

The IRS promised to cut their budgets in 2015, again. The unfortunate part is what the taxpayer, myself as a practitioner, as well as others will deal with when looking to speak with an IRS representative. Below are a few examples of what we can expect in 2015:

– Much longer hold times. The hold times averaged 45 minutes in 2014, and they are ever increased upwards of 1 and a half hours to almost 2 hours at times

– The IRS will claim they are having “technical difficulties” due to the call volume and not pick up the calls at all

– The IRS cut programs like “free filing” at certain service centers

– The IRS will no longer answer more complicated legal and tax questions on the tax line prior to April 15th

– It will take much longer for the IRS to process direct debit payment plans, penalty abatement requests, appeals, and offer in compromise forms/request (as of now it can take up to a year to process the offer in compromise form 656 and related documents)

Our job is in even higher demand than it was before. A lot of accounts usually could be resolved with rather simplistic tactics. However, with the IRS closing service centers, manning service centers with less employees, we can expect to wait longer for the right answer, if it’s right. If it isn’t, expect to jump right back on the phone to try to get what you need done. With almost zero chance to get someone on the phone to answer a tax issue, the IRS is slowly moving toward online assistance. However, the electronic methods of resolving accounts has gone into the stone age. They managed to completely eradicate the ability to upload Power of Attorney forms online forcing us to fax them into the appropriate service center. It isn’t the end of the world with the exception of the fact the IRS takes up to 2 weeks to process an actual Power of Attorney Form.

What do you do? You hire our services to help mitigate and manage your tax issue. We man our phones from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at night in order to make IRS calls happen and take place, at the lowest possible cost to you. Management of time, deadlines, paperwork, forms, and tax returns will be even more important now than ever. With the IRS cutting their budget they will go back to aggressive tactics to collect on what you owe. Make sure you have someone fighting in your corner to protect your best interests. If you have a tax issue call us today. With the busy tax season ahead you cannot afford to wait. We can be reached at 720-398-6088.