3 FAQ’s on Getting Started with Highland Tax Group!

Q. How do I know my accounts have been protected from levy action after I hire Highland Tax Group?

A. The first step we take is filing the Power of Attorney form and contacting the IRS immediately. Upon speaking with the IRS we confirm what you owe, if there are any missing returns, the status of your case, and confirm a collection hold. We keep the IRS off your back while we are working to resolve your case.

Q. What are the next steps? Do I need to send you anything after I have hire Highland Tax Group?

A. After we have completed the initial investigation we will send you an introductory package. Within the introductory package we will inform you of how much you owe and if you are missing any returns. If you are missing returns, we will ask you prepare and file all missing tax returns. Secondly, we will review your financial condition and ability to pay, utilizing either the form 433-A or 433-B. Once we have completed the financial review process, we will have a much clearer idea as to what you may qualify for as far as resolving your IRS liability.

Q. How much time do you think we will have to resolve my IRS accounts? 

A. Generally speaking we attempt to secure a 30 day collection hold with the IRS. Meaning the IRS will not take any aggressive actions during the 30 day term. Within the 30 day term we will need to be sure you are taking corrective action to become current and compliant, file all missing returns, and work toward developing a financial strategy to resolve the balance dues. We will walk you through completing all the necessary steps to be sure you have all the tools you need to satisfy all IRS deadlines and requirements.