IRS Wage Garnishment Released!

We recently had a client who came to us with facing a situation whereby her wages as well as her husband’s wages were being garnished.  She was in a panic.  However, she came to the right place if she was looking to not only resolve her tax debt, but also work on their IRS wage garnishment.

The taxpayer owed the IRS roughly $30,000 and was having a tough time as the IRS wage garnishment was taking approximately 30% of their wages combined. This severely affected their ability to pay bills, put food on the table, gas in the car, etc. Fortunately the client had filed all of their returns, didn’t owe anything on 2012 or 2013, but had ignored several IRS notices prior to the garnishment.  Within 24 hours we were able to get the IRS wage garnishment released and faxed to her and her husband’s employer.  In turn we needed to offer the IRS something in order to facilitate a release. Therefore, we set up a payment plan for the taxpayer. We were able to accomplish this without financial data as the client fell underneath a certain tier that allowed us to do so. We are now waiting for the direct debit plan to be initiated.

There are a few key items that must be met first before an IRS wage garnishment can be released:

– First and foremost all tax returns must be filed

– The IRS wage garnishment must have created some sort of hardship

– The wage garnishment would hinder repayment of the tax debt, or settlement of the tax debt, and;

– If the wage garnishment was issued incorrectly or without the appropriate notice in error

If you or someone you  know has had or currently has an IRS wage garnishment against them, give us a call. We can be reached at 720-398-6088. We would be happy to assist not only with the short term problem, but also the overall issue of resolving their outstanding tax debt, for good! Let Highland Tax Group, Inc. go to work for you on your IRS wage garnishment!