5 Steps to Getting Your IRS Tax Lien Removed!

We have several taxpayer’s who come to us because they have an IRS tax lien on record. When the IRS files a tax lien it is reported at the county clerk and recorder’s office where the taxpayer resides. The goal of the tax lien is for the IRS to secure their interests in the IRS tax liability.  In most cases the tax lien can damage your credit, keep you from qualifying for a refinance, a loan, or obtaining a mortgage to purchase your first home.  A lot of our clients simply want to deal with their IRS debt in such a way they don’t have to worry about the IRS tax lien.  Further, a lot of taxpayers simply think they need to pay the IRS in full in order to get the irs tax lien removed! Today, we are going to discuss a few steps to getting your IRS lien removed and withdrawn, even while you still have a tax debt lingering.

– First of all your IRS tax liability must be under a certain tier to qualify and you must structure a payment plan with the IRS

– Secondly, you must structure a direct debit plan to begin paying your payment plan automatically through the IRS

– Third, you must follow up closely to ensure your direct debit plan is structured appropriately and actually set up

– Fourth and one of the more more important steps is you must remain current and compliant with your tax obligation and installment plan

– Lastly, you must apply with the IRS to have the lien withdrawn

Seems pretty simple right? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t.  The IRS can take a lengthy amount of time to set up the appropriate plan, they will more than likely push you into paying more than you can afford, and they will make you wait for the direct debit to be set up. The tax lien withdrawal can take another 30 – 45 days on top of the initial set up process of your plan.  Why is it worth it, you ask? Well, the IRS simply wants to get taxpayer’s back on their feet, get the tax lien out of the way, and get the taxpayer on the road to recovery.  Is it challenging and time consuming? Sure it is. However, that is why Highland Tax Group, Inc. and Mike Wallen, EA are here for you. We will answer all of your tax lien questions and offer a complimentary review of your case to see if you qualify for the lien removal process!

Call us today at 720-398-6088 to see if you qualify for the lien removal program! We are happy to help!