IRS Backlog Update — Fixes to Expect

IRS Delays And Backlogs: What The Agency Is Doing to Improve: Part II

A huge backlog at the IRS has not only inconvenienced but also outright harmed far too many taxpayers. In the first part of this blog series on the IRS backlog, we explained the scope of the problem and a few proposed solutions. Now, we’ll dive into a few of the specific changes the IRS has recently made in hopes of speeding things up:

Suspension of Some Automated Notices

Throughout the ongoing IRS backlog, many taxpayers have continued to receive automated notices that aren’t particularly relevant. Some of these will be suspended for the time being. Examples include:

  • CP80: Unfiled Tax Return
  • CP259: Return Delinquency
  • CP501: Balance Due — 1st Notice

This is by no means a permanent fix, but it may provide a bit of relief to both busy IRS employees and the taxpayers who incessantly receive this correspondence.

Reassigned Employees

The other main step taken by the IRS involves shifting its existing workforce to better cover the most urgent concerns. For example, an additional 1,200 employees have been reassigned to assist with amended returns and related correspondence. A second surge team will be established to take on even more of the strain.

Other staffing adjustments include mandated overtime for certain employees, plus contracting for clerical work that would otherwise occupy too much of IRS employees’ time. It remains to be seen if these comprehensive staffing changes will make a meaningful difference.

There is no substitute for an IRS enrolled agent at this difficult time. Our team at the Highland Tax Group is pleased to provide the prompt and targeted service that today’s clients require. Reach out today to learn how we can be of assistance.