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When Someone You Love Dies, and You Inherit the Debt, What Tools Can You Use to Fight Back?

As if coping with grief after the loss of a loved one isn’t difficult enough, you might be suddenly saddled with the person’s debts. However, a debt collector might attempt to collect a debt from you even if it’s not your responsibility. Increasingly, seniors face this challenge, according to a study from the University of […]

5 Tips on How to Avoid IRS Scams in 2016

April 15 is just around the corner, and millions of U.S. consumers and business owners are furiously working on their returns and brainstorming how to minimize tax liabilities. Frustratingly, thousands of scammers think of “tax season” as a kind of “hunting season” – a time to target vulnerable, anxious and unsuspecting consumers hoping for refunds. […]

Scams Relating to Your IRS Refunds Continue . . .

New news regarding scams concerning IRS refunds. We deal with this sort of thing too frequently. Please beware of the following: “This new version of a very old scam goes like this. The scammer calls you up and says that they have the return and you’re almost finished, he or she just needs a few […]

The Different Types of Debt You Leave Behind When You Die – Part 2

When you pass away, you hope to leave your heirs with a positive legacy, both personal and financial. But your best-laid plans could go wrong, especially if economic upheaval or unanticipated and extensive medical bills hit you hard. What should you do if you are worried about saddling your heirs with debt? In Part 1, […]

The Different Types of Debt You Leave Behind when You Die – Part 1

You want to plan for your heirs, leaving them with a financial legacy and possibly even giving to charity upon your passing. But what if the economic downturn of 2007 and 2008 deeply affected you? Can you avoid leaving debt to your heirs? This blog will address what happens to your mortgage and credit card […]

9 Astonishing but True Facts about the IRS

When tax time rolls around each year, and you start to organize your paperwork to file your taxes, you might think about the task and the IRS with a vague sense of dread. If so, you are not alone. A Gallup poll confirmed that Americans rated the federal agency their least favorite. That should come […]