Choosing IRS Audit Representation

The article below explains some tips for getting your money’s worth out of your Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent. When you are in IRS trouble and are looking for IRS Audit Representation it is as important to consider the same tips when choosing your tax representative.  The 5 tips are as follows:

– Build a Relationship: As with anything in life building a relationship with your representative will help you deal with your IRS Audit problems.  Isn’t it easier to tell someone about your problems when you trust them, when you have dealt with them for awhile, or know them on more of a personal level?   At HTG we are focusing on the customer experience and as advisers we want to make sure the customer experience is unparalleled to any other. Of course, it won’t be a massage at a 5 star resort in the Bahama’s, but we promise if you are looking for IRS Audit Representation, we will foster a relationship with you so you feel comfortable working with us.

– Be Organized: We cannot stress this enough when you are facing IRS Audit Representation.  Be organized and stay organized throughout the process.  One of the educational pieces we offer to our clients is to get and stay organized. It will help lower costs, help us understand your situation better, and help us stay organized as far as putting together an eventual proposal on your behalf. Again, it will cut costs for you, save you time, and save us time thus helping you with resolving your situation when you are in IRS trouble.

– Don’t Make Assumptions: This goes for anything in life, but especially when you are facing an IRS Audit.  For example, if you receive a notice don’t assume it has been taken care of, fax it over to us, talk to us about it so everyone is on the same page.  Communication is vital when dealing with your IRS Audit Representative.

-Consult With Your IRS Audit Representative: We cannot emphasize this enough when making important financial decisions, buying a car, buying a home, selling a home, etc. It is important when dealing with an IRS tax problem to face all financial issues together with your tax professional.

– Don’t Lie to Your IRS Audit Representative: This goes without saying when dealing with IRS trouble, lying will not get you anywhere close to resolving your problems. Further, if and when a client does lie to us, we are no longer able to represent them fully before the IRS.

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