$180,000 IRS Tax Lien Removed!

The IRS tax lien affects your credit, ability to obtain credit, refinance, borrow, etc.  It also hinders your ability to start and operate a business. Feel free to read more about the IRS Tax Lien removal process on our webpage at IRS Tax Lien.

Our client came to us and had the IRS tax lien in place since June of 2012.   The IRS tax lien removal process requires a lot of hard work, effort, and dedication.  Of course, we resolved the case completely prior to following up on the IRS  tax lien removal.  The taxpayer had been wrongfully assessed the trust fund recovery penalty, stemming from a business liability of over $500,000. We ordered all IRS documentation in relation to his case, IRS notes disclosing the federal tax assessment processes, and found out he was wrongfully assessed.  We decided to file for an abatement of the Civil Penalty assessed against our client.  Once agreed to and negotiated, the assessments were reversed. Our client didn’t have to pay back any of the monies owed and was given a refund of over $5,000.  Now, what do we do from here? Is the IRS going to automatically initiate the IRS tax lien removal process? Is the IRS responsible for recording the IRS tax lien removal with the county the IRS tax lien was originally recorded? We wanted to revisit the importance of following up with the IRS tax lien department in order to insure the IRS tax lien is removed.

We waited about 30 days after the penalty abatement to follow up on the IRS tax lien removal.  We called this morning and initiated the release of the IRS tax lien due to the fact the IRS tax lien removal had not been initiated as of yet.  We were able to get the IRS to fax us copies of the IRS tax lien removal and subsequently insure the taxpayer was issued copies of the IRS tax lien removal as well.

If you have an IRS tax lien in place and are looking to get the IRS tax lien removal process started, please call us directly at 720-398-6088 or visit us online at www.htg2020.wpengine.com.