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The IRS Backlog Continues in 2021: What This Means For You

Frustrated with the IRS? You’re certainly not alone. As if the beginning of 2021 wasn’t stressful enough, taxpayers are now complaining of ongoing delays that have carried over from 2020. Unfortunately, these problems aren’t about to disappear. The cause? A huge backlog with the IRS. This occurred in response to the initial COVID shutdown, which […]

IRS Delays and Backlogs: What a Scary New Internal IRS Report Reveals

The recent government shutdown wreaked havoc on a variety of federal agencies, including, of course, the IRS. This all happened at the worst possible time — while IRS employees were dealing with the fallout of the new tax bill. A recently released National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress reveals that the shutdown-related challenges faced by […]