Working with Highland Tax Group, Inc. has provided me with a peace of mind I did have prior. The work completed was always done with the highest level of professionalism. Unfortunately, I didn’t save any money off of my tax bill, but I didn’t expect to. Mike Wallen, the owner of Highland Tax Group, Inc. gave me all the in’s and out’s of the tax issue, what my options were, and has stuck with me throughout the process. He even was able to advise me as to when my payment plan needed a new direct debit form, and helped me make sure all the necessary forms were signed, dated, and sent off to the IRS. Something I could have never done on my own. Thank you Mike for your professionalism, peace of mind, and helping me keep up and stay on top of my tax issue. I would recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc. to any individual dealing with an IRS issue.

I don’t love the idea about writing a review about something as personal as taxes, but Mike and crew did such a good job helping me out with the government that I wanted to do anything I could do to help them out. First of all they made something that was keeping me up at night and causing me huge amounts of stress and made me feel comfortable. They were very clear about the process, set expectations in plain english and stayed in constant communication with me throughout the entire process. In the end (which is kinda what really matters) they secured a compromise that was better than what I expected going into the process and helped me out with future plans to make sure I don’t end up in the same situation again. Highly recommended!

I have to say that I have nothing but respect for Mike and his team. They are all very honest and respectful people. For nine years of my life I was having trouble with a tax debt and due to this I was unable to move forward with my life and do things such as go to Graduate School. Mike educated me and walked me through the entire offer and compromise process and got my debt down to a reasonable amount that I could pay. I am very pleased to announce that today I no long have and tax debt and I am now in the process of looking for schools to attend. It is an absolutely life altering experience.

My IRS problem was 10 years old when I decided to find a competent Tax Consultant. After interviewing 3 different firms it was clear that Mike Wallen at Highland Tax Group, Inc. was our choice moving forward.

In addition to the normal IRS challenges our initial offer was rejected, which complicated matters. Mr. Wallen was successful in his communications with our IRS agent and filing of an appeal. The appeal allowed for a settlement, a settlement that was substantially less than our initial offer, and our tax due. 

We would highly recommend Mike should you need a experienced tax resolution professional.

It’s hard to say anything related to taxes is an enjoyable experience, but this might qualify. I was referred to Mike Wallen and Highland Tax Group, Inc., as I was dealing with a complex tax situation with my parents. Mike was thorough and diligent in filing an offer in compromise and followed through with an appeal. My parents are both in their 80’s and have had medical issues so this is not a path they could have managed themselves. All situations and outcomes are different, but the IRS eventually accepted the offer (after the appeal) and it could have not turned out any better. Highly recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc.

Mike and Ron with Highland Tax Group, Inc. were great to work with, and took a very professional and aggressive approach to solving my tax issue with the IRS.  Their knowledge and advice was second to none.  They took an active interest and role in getting the situation resolved in a timely manner and positive outcome.  We worked with another firm in the past that is very “active” in advertising on local radio about their services and promoting their past success stories.  We felt as if they we were just another case file with them.  At Highland Tax Group, Inc. they made us feel as if they truly cared about our personal situation and did everything they could to help us.  I would definitely recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc. to anyone that is dealing with a tax situation with the IRS.

I would highly recommend the Highland Tax Group to anyone in need of consult on issues related to the IRS. The professional staff is immensely educated, patient, and works tirelessly on behalf of their clients. I recently enlisted their services to help with a back tax issue and they had it resolved within 30 days. They are professional at every level.

I wanted to thank both Ron Young, and Mike Wallen of Highland Tax Group, Inc., for finding such a perfect solution for my past irs tax problem. It is such a relief that Highland Tax Group put together a great resolution to several years of anxiety, and financial worry. Highland Tax Group, Inc. was diligent in corresponding with me and the IRS during the negotiation process. The expertise of Highland Tax Group, Inc. was appreciated, admired, as I know it was not an easy task keeping me informed and up to date!! Keep up the good work! Thank you again!

Mike Wallen was a huge help for me. I was searching for some tax advice and Mike not only responded quickly but also took the time to review my situation for free. In the end, I was able to handle it on my own but Mike’s help and advice were extremely helpful. I would recommend him and Highland Tax Group to anyone of my friends or family.

I was referred to Mike Wallen with Highland Tax Group through my tax advisor, who assured me that Mike would be the solution to my compounding tax problem. IRS problems can be very daunting and I was literally losing sleep over the constant worry of how I was going to deal with this nightmare. I was on a payment plan with the IRS trying to pay off back taxes, which seemed like a never ending battle because of penalties and interest accruing on the account.  To make matters worse, I lost my job in 2012, so my 401K loan defaulted. When I filed my taxes for 2012, I was penalized heavily for my defaulted 401K loan and the unpaid loan amount was considered ordinary income, pushing me into a higher tax bracket, so the amount of taxes I ended up owing for 2012 was astronomical. After I lost my job, I returned to school to reinvent myself, so I was making very little money and was faced with a tax bill I knew I could not pay back anytime soon. With much trepidation, because of shame and embarrassment, I finally contacted HTG to schedule my initial consultation. My first meeting with Mike Wallen and his associate, Kim Wallen, gave me some sense of hope and I felt a little more at ease because I knew my problem was something that HTG could handle. Mike and Kim were respectful, polite, professional and very knowledgeable, and I knew I was in good hands. After some work on my part gathering documentation and filling out the necessary paperwork, HTG worked their magic, and within less than a year, I received my offer from the IRS, one that I could definitely rest easy with. I would highly recommend Mike of Highland Tax Group to anyone that is in need of such services. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing some sense of peace back to my life.