I want to share what Mike Wallen at Highland Tax Group did for me. When Mike Wallen took over the handling of my tax issues, I had been mired in major IRS difficulties for more than a decade as a result of bookkeeper failure to make my business tax payments. A competing tax resolution firm had been completely ineffective while trying to help me, despite charging an exorbitant fee. Mike took over, sorted through my voluminous records, and got immediately to work on my behalf. As a direct result of his expertise and industry, I recently made my last installment payment on an incredibly favorable resolution he reached for me with the IRS. For the first time in almost twenty years, my tax affairs are in order and I sleep soundly at night. His fee was quite reasonable, he communicated with me constantly, and all my questions were answered in a patient and understandable way; I felt like he was my tax champion. To anyone needing help with serious tax problems, don’t waste time or money looking elsewhere: Call MIKE WALLEN at HIGHLAND TAX GROUP without delay. You’ll sleep better immediately. Thanks, Mike

Highland Tax Group and Mike Wallen, not to mention his assistant, Megan Scott, deserve more stars than I could ever give them! Let’s face it ! … tax resolution is not an easy process! Mike and his staff have been a light at the end of a tunnel! Supportive! Patient! Kind and Efficient! Most importantly, Priceless! I would be leaving this review even if I hadn’t gotten a stellar settlement ….which I did with Highland Tax on my side! They are hands down the best tax resolution resource in Denver! I am thrilled to be on the other side of this process and I couldn’t have done it without Mike Wallen! I recommend Highland Tax Group to anyone searching for tax relief and a new beginning!

I cannot convey how valuable The Highland Tax Group was in helping me resolve an IRS tax issue that began several years ago. Mike Wallen and his team began working on my case and immediately I felt a sense of relief. They represented my interest through several years of negotiations with the IRS and ultimately obtained a settlement for me that was more than favorable. Mike never wavered in staying in contact with me throughout the process. They assisted in gathering all the documents that were requested and compiled the information in a professional manner. When the time came for the negotiations, they pressed my case and came away with a settlement that was totally beyond my expectations. I highly recommend the Highland Tax Group.

I had quite a few issues with the IRS and other taxing authorities before I decided to hire Highland Tax Group, Inc. I was recommended to Mike and Highland Tax Group by another business partner. Once I hired HTG I felt confident in Mike’s ability to assist with the problem. Mike met me and my father for lunch and we hired him on the spot. He has always been communicative and easy to deal with. Whenever I have a question regarding the debt, notices, or the agencies themselves, Mike is there ready to answer my questions without fail. My business has never been in a better position and I have to thank the work HTG did to get me where I am today. I’ve decided to keep Mike and HTG on as Power of Attorney. Mike is able to let me know when there are any issues that might come up concerning the taxing authorities. Thank you HTG for all you have done for my business to date and your continued help as time goes on!

I have known Mike Wallen for over 10 years. He represented me when I owned a construction company, and continued to represent me when I was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2009. Mike acted as my agent started in 2013 with Highland Tax Group, Inc. until the Offer In Compromise was accepted in 2014. It was an arduous and protracted process, but Highland Tax Group, Inc. never wavered in their conviction. Ultimately, the IRS held two years of my tax returns as per IRS rules and regulations, I had to pay $445 to clear a 2001 debt, and finally a total of $500 to settle my IRS debt via offer in compromise. This was the total amount I paid to reconcile a business and personal tax debt totaling over $125,000! Highland Tax Group, Inc. was with me through every step of this process, including notifying me of how IRS notices work, returning IRS phone calls, and intervening on my behalf with the IRS at all times. I would highly recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc. to anyone who has tax issues. Don’t face the IRS on your own! Let Mike Wallen and his staff at Highland Tax Group, Inc. handle your tax problem for you!

I am greatly appreciative to Mike and Highland Tax Group, Inc., for the great work he did in getting tax fees, penalties and interest back for me. He knows what he is doing! Highland Tax Group, Inc., is responsive, knowledgeable and professional. I was impressed how he went the extra step for me to get the most back from the IRS possible. I recommend him to anyone needing such services.

Highland Tax Group, Inc. approaches tax resolution with a very personalized touch. Mike personally manages all aspects of clients’ tax needs, while offering a higher level of customer service and communication than many others. I would not hesitate to refer any client who had tax issues to Mike and Highland Tax Group.

I was recommended by a close friend that was in the same tax situation as I was. I was very skeptical at first, however, Highland Tax Group, Inc., and Mike Wallen and his professionalism exceeded my expectations. Their communication was unsurpassed which eased my mind at such a stressful time. I was able to reduce my tax liability by over 80% which really helped put my life back on track to give me a fresh start. I am so thankful to have been able to work with Mike and I actually have established a new friendship for the future. Thank you Mike for all of your hard work. I really appreciate this new lease on life. I highly recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc.

Mike Wallen at the Highland Tax Group is very knowledgeable when it comes to solving tax problems. Despite how much money you owe the IRS, there are many solutions available for resolving your tax situation. Mike Wallen is the best person to discuss your options for finding a brighter financial future. If you’re struggling with tax debt, then struggle no more – call Mike Wallen today to get started.

What can I say but thank you to Mike Wallen and his talented group of tax specialists. I spent many sleepless nights having anxiety and worrying about the IRS. I was introduced to his company by my accountant and all I could do is count my lucky stars for the outcome. As a small business owner (which I am sure many small business owners deal with) have the stress of running a successful company; having other equations come in with the daily stress is something that can be difficult to deal with. Thank you very much Mr. Wallen and I with ALL respect I hope I never speak to you again!! :-)